Centi Loyalty Token, A Medium of Exchange

Centi is an Asset Backed Loyalty Token. In terms of monetary value, the purchasing power of 1 Centi would be equal to 1 United States Dollar ($1). Centi Is built on the ERC20 Protocol.

CENTI to Provide Relief of $10M through Africans Preventing Poverty Foundation (APP) To Help Fight The Covid-19 Virus Pandemic In Nigeria.
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Centi is a Stable Coin

Centi is Loyalty Token fully backed by a reserve of real foreign assets and will be supported by a network of local and international intermediaries, buying and selling Centi. That means anyone with Centi has a high level of assurance they can easily convert their token into a local fiat currency based on a fixed exchange rate, as token can be earned or exchanged for fiat, cryptocurrencies, services, etc. This approach is to help instil trust in the Centi Token and to attain widespread adoption.

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